Cloud Forensics & iCloud Backup Recovery for Digital Evidence

Examples Of Commonly recoverable Data:

  • SMS text messages (Short Message Service)
  • MMS messages (Photo/Media messages)
  • Photos/Video/Audio
  • Voicemail messages
  • Email
  • Contacts & Call Log
  • Calendar & Tasks
  • Internet browsing history
  • Geo-location data

Everyone has heard of the “Cloud”, but what is it really? Basically, cloud computing is just a fancy term created by marketing people, but we’ve all been using it for years. A good example of cloud computing is a web based email service (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) where we don’t have to install an email client (i.e. Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) on our local cloud forensicscomputer to access our new email and read email – it serves as storage for all of our email. Instead, everything is already done by the cloud, aka a remote server, maintained by a service provider. If we switch to a different computer, we only need to login with a web browser and everything is there. Therefore, we only need an interface with which we can access our cloud application, which in the previous example is simply a computer with a web browser installed.

Today, more and more companies are moving towards cloud storage in terms of backing up devices. Apple, for example, has moved it’s customers away from utilizing iTunes, alone, for backing up there iOS devices. They now provide “iCloud” with a minimum storage capacity of 5GB of space. This allows the user to have their device, whether it be an iPad, iPhone or iPod back up to one of the servers Apple maintains. This creates a unique opportunity for those needing to retrieve data from a device. It could be that the device was accidentally reset or it could be that a spouse wants to know what their partner is up to. An iCloud backup recovery or even an iTunes backup can be forensically examined for logical and deleted data WITHOUT having to have physical access to the actual target device. If you have certain identifying information, we can download the backup(s) from the cloud and examine them for important data/evidence. Call or Email Us Today For More Details!