Cell Phone Forensics

Examples Of Commonly recoverable Data:

  • SMS text messages (Short Message Service)
  • MMS messages (Photo/Media messages)
  • Third party texting apps (WhatsApp, Snapchat, kik)
  • Photos/Video/Audio
  • Voicemail messages
  • Email
  • Contacts & Call Log
  • Calendar & Tasks
  • Internet browsing history
  • Geo-location data

Our Technicians and Investigators are certified in the procedureunlock_cell_phones involved in recovering digital evidence from various electronic devices including basic cell phones and cell phones with advanced capabilities (“smart” phones – i.e. Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices). We use the latest equipment and software to obtain whatever data may exist on the target device. Data can exist in many places on the device. There are even applications dedicated to hiding pictures, texts (SMS, MMS), chat messages, phone calls, pictures, and videos. These applications can appear as regular apps and can require an additional password to access it’s contents. We can often locate the password or circumvent the password altogether to gain access to this important data.

Deleted data, such as entire text conversation strings (including iMessages), pictures, videos, chat messages, call logs, email, browsing history, and much more maycellebrite_2 still exist on the device. This information is stored for a limited amount of time and is subject to how the user has the device set up and how much the device is actually used. There is also vital information stored on the device’s SD card and SIM card, if applicable.

Data can become vital evidence for those seeking the truth. This evidence is often used in civil cases, such as adultery or child custody. And in criminal defense cases this evidence could prove help prove your innocence.